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building some wheels

I love to build wheels. It is pretty freaking easy. I always offer the service to people. Since I left the bike shops, I estimate that I have built 3 or 5 sets a year for people. Not nearly enough.

or, as I like to say, the book about how not to build a wheel.

or, as I like to say, the book about how not to build a wheel.

This is a great little book. It has been around for almost 30 years and yet is still relevant. It gives you the basics, and that is all you need. But what do I care? I just like to build them.

Right now Hammah is having some built. I have been messing around for weeks with them.  Spoke length calculation was eluding me.  That and it is hot in the shop.

I hope they work.

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shoes. sidi. they are still pretty comfy. a little drafty in the toebox area. seems a shame to let them go.

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beer me!


I requested that my Brother Walter in Missoula, MT send me a box of this stuff.  I have heard good things and need to try it out.


Lately, I have taken (as you may have noted earlier) a hankering to


for what reason?  I don’t know.  Seems more palatable when it is 105 at 5 in the afternoon I guess?  The only time I use it is on the ThnR’s.  I may have to go back to the flask for improved control though.


It may have to wait until it gets a bit cooler.


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