Me and Tegan went on a trip.  It was a bit out of the blue.  A vacation to Lego-Land fell thru.  Karen just moved her office and stuff was scheduled for her. We headed out with 9 hours of driving and vague plans of where we would sleep and where we would ride. First nite was at Red Canyon just outside of Panguitch, Utah.  Nice country.  Rode a bit on a path that connects to Thunder Mountain Trail.  Nice Stuff.  It got cold.  We (I) set up camp.  We stayed warm.

After a restful nites sleep we(I) awoke and loaded up for stage 2.  Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park.  We got to ride a lot here.  Nice paths, excellent singletrack and nice views.  Crowded camping made for a bit of stress.  Driving up was okay.  Promises of Legos were made to make the going easier.

Yellowstone was not even close to the Jellystone that I was expecting.


After a VERY long day looking at animals, Old Faithful, tourists, amazing fog, stellar views and my gas guage ever moving towards ‘E’, we meandered over to my brother Walter and his Family’s place in the wonderfuly laid back town of Missoula, MT.  Promised Legos were not found,  but Legos were given, bars were visited, breweries were walked about and riding was done.


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