I have had this tool for an unknown amount of treasured time.  If it could talk….img_0045

On a side note:  I have feared for many years that SHOES for my child would really bother me.  On Monday, this FIFTY DOLLAR pair of shoes confirmed it for me.  This is every six months for who knows how long?




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3 responses to “fail!

  1. Sis - Cindy

    Hey … thanks for sharing … great BLOG! Love the history of your bikes. Quite the photographer too!

  2. Sis - Kathy

    Great site!!!! Love the photos!!
    And on the subject of shoes….that ain’t all brother…..that ain’t all.

    Keep riding!! And come north again soon!!

  3. Bro W

    A new Leatherman that lasts almost forever: $75
    A case of KettleHouse IPA: $24

    Guys who spend $50 on a young kids shoes: priceless

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