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The Tempo was up for some changes. I am really stoked about the flat bars.img_0275img_0276img_02771

I think it rides a whole lot nicer. Especially for my lower back. My chiropractor will approve.



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ready for test flight

I think this is the final version of the bike/bag set-up. Everything is solid.


Tegan learned to ride his bike less the pedals. He can also ride with the pedals if you hold him steady at first. Such a joy!


more to come.

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seat bag

After months of preparation and laziness, it finally comes together over this weekend. Some minor tweaking and it will be ready to go. We may build a lighter/waterproof version real soon. The new sewing machine worked fantastic. Janome Sewist 509.


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I have an otterbox thathas been replaced twice at no cost to me.  While on the otterbox site, I noticed a photo contest.  Apparently, they thought this photo was worth 100 bucks:


so, that is good!

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bag holder

since the sewing machine is destroyed.  I made use of time to figure out how to hold the sleeping bag and pad on the handlebars.  it is a work in progress.  straps need to be figured out more…img_0239img_0241img_0242img_0244

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a walk in the park

it was nice.  rainy.


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garbage truck

killed the sewing machine. sprocket got to stay out for a few hours.

sadness prevails. bag construction at a halt.

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