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Prescott Monstercross



Clearly, the best day I have had on a bike so far this year for sure.  I was debating for weeks as to if I was going to actually do it or not.  A quick inventory of my physical being a week prior to the ride showed little doubt that I could do it, so I sent in my email to Chad.  Good decision.  An early drive up with Yuri, and a planned camp out with Karen and Tegan allowed me to forget about logistics and just enjoy the ride for a day..

What a ride.  I had no idea of just how much connected singletrak was around Prescott.  We sampled a good portion of it with the loop that was planned.


A lot of the guys in the picture (from the MTBR forum), are just stupid fit and pretty fast, finishing about 2 1/2 hours before Yuri and I – who were riding pretty strong, at least I thought – finishing a shared 5th place of 13 riders.  At any rate, we were not racing the race, we were just riding.

Coming off a whole six month slap down with multiple gout attacks, lower back issues and general unfitness, I thought I would be in pretty bad shape at the end of some 8000′ of climbing and 50 some odd miles of panoramic views.  Luck prevailed and I finished out feeling really pretty awesome.  The sweet ripping singletrak and quad aching climbing put me at ease for most of the day, grumbling only once about how I was about finished.  I think the key was continuous eating and incredible trails.

ap4180035(photo by yuri)

I gotta get back up to Prescott to ride that again real soon.

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old school

b1is just like the new school. 30 year old touring bikes ride just fine on the singletrack.c1
NEW PATH!  Oh so nice.  Not long, but it is very useful on my ride home from workd1

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I worked out some cleaning on the El Mariachi. I really wanted to ride it but could not get it dirty because I just wanted to look at it. So I rode the Surly and saw the Easter bunny.abcedfgh1i


So it worked out. I found out that I want to make the 29r a single speed. So on order will be a 20T cog and a chain and also some spacers. I may keep it clean till then.

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