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triple threat

some chris king universal hubs came my way

king 002king 003king 001

 they are a bit used.  fortunately, they are completely salvageable.  a few replacement parts and they will be as good as new.  a new 29er wheelset on the horizon.

I finally got around to putting v-brakes on the cross-check.  Now I can stop.

king 004


and yes.  the point of the scratch awl is a great base for a Cabin Loop

king 005

we stayed at that point last week for several days exploring the area.  Great place to park the car.  The loop could be done in one long day, but an overnighter on the bike is in order.  I am thinking of late June.

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Long Draw



3 days in the woods is mighty nice.





more to come.



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new directive

So I took a working vacation for 3 days in the North Country.  Granite Basin on day one.  Trail 351 to 348 to 347 to 345 to 351.  A great loop.  I think I did this a few weeks ago on the Prescott Monster Cross.  Traveling for work that involves a car full of demo equipment, makes one forget a thing or two.  Camera included.   Day two involved Flagstaff and Rocky Ridge, Upper Oldham, Sunset and Schultz Creek loop.  Rocky Ridge was simply awesome.


Luckily, a local was on hand to unknowingly guide me to the Rocky Ridge trailhead from my hotel room.

Img_0218Img_0222Img_0223F.U.T.S. comes in handy to get back to town.  On a single-speed, this loop was sublime.  I did not know.  So after a long drive to Show Low, a ride on the White Mountain Trail system was in order.  Quite confusing.  A bit of night riding.  Lost myself sometimes.  I really need to explore the area more.  I tried to do a loop around the Buena Vista Trail.  Dead fall and unkempt trail posed many problems.  Awesome views though.  Trail aptly named.

Img_0224Img_0225Img_0226Img_0227Img_0229Img_0231social trail.  unmarked.  about a mile long.  super fun.

Img_0232Img_0235Img_0234this bearing tree was of no help at all.

Img_0236 lots of quad and motorcycle riding around here.  Will I be back?  Oh yes.  There are a ton of options up in the White Mountains.

Good tymes.

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original xtr

I keep on coming across it every few years or so. A recent hub find provided me a freehub body for the salsa. Cantilever brakes on the surly. Crank-set and rear mech used beyond use. I still like it.


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I turned the Salsa into an El Mariachi version of a single-speed.  I hopped on it for the first ride the other day and found it to be terribly under-geared for the ride over to the trails.  I hated it 50 feet from my door all the way to the 32nd St. trail head.  I was even contemplating turning around to go get my fixy for the morning trail spin.  Having only converted it due to a freehub failure on the xt hub that was on the bike, I was missing the 9 speed.

singlepoeed As you may have guessed, once rolling on the trail, I was pleasantly amazed how well it moved.  A noticeable and worthy improvement over a 26″ wheel single-speed.  I really like the 9speed, and I really like the single-speed.  I think two bikes are in order.

Meanwhile, a change on the fixy was made.

mary This bar is really neat.  Pretty comfy for the commute to work and back.  It gives me an upright position and really feels natural.

Tegan regressing.


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