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So I took a working vacation for 3 days in the North Country.  Granite Basin on day one.  Trail 351 to 348 to 347 to 345 to 351.  A great loop.  I think I did this a few weeks ago on the Prescott Monster Cross.  Traveling for work that involves a car full of demo equipment, makes one forget a thing or two.  Camera included.   Day two involved Flagstaff and Rocky Ridge, Upper Oldham, Sunset and Schultz Creek loop.  Rocky Ridge was simply awesome.


Luckily, a local was on hand to unknowingly guide me to the Rocky Ridge trailhead from my hotel room.

Img_0218Img_0222Img_0223F.U.T.S. comes in handy to get back to town.  On a single-speed, this loop was sublime.  I did not know.  So after a long drive to Show Low, a ride on the White Mountain Trail system was in order.  Quite confusing.  A bit of night riding.  Lost myself sometimes.  I really need to explore the area more.  I tried to do a loop around the Buena Vista Trail.  Dead fall and unkempt trail posed many problems.  Awesome views though.  Trail aptly named.

Img_0224Img_0225Img_0226Img_0227Img_0229Img_0231social trail.  unmarked.  about a mile long.  super fun.

Img_0232Img_0235Img_0234this bearing tree was of no help at all.

Img_0236 lots of quad and motorcycle riding around here.  Will I be back?  Oh yes.  There are a ton of options up in the White Mountains.

Good tymes.


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