seated rides

3 rides including the last one since 12-26-09.

Nice cross bike ride up to Cave Creek and a really fun ThNR this past week and a SATMORN ride yesterday. I need to ride more.

a cruiser ride to the wash and a few geocache finds

a whole lotta riding on the many trails that Yuri put together for the SATMORN ride

26" wheel. What is Devin thinking?

A Surly Cross Check on dirt to Cave Creek.

Yuri on the ripper.

Of course, these represent only real rides where I actually use cycling shoes and a full pack of the necessities for a real ride farther from 3 miles from the house.

It is interesting that the Schwinn Tempo has become the ride of choice. I put a pair of incredibly old Shimano (I believe the original DX) flat pedals that I had on a BCA Classic MTB when I was a Junior in High School. It is nice to have something from the past that was used and is used again without any complaint.

the all-puropose Schwinn Tempo fixed gear. So nice to just hop on a bike and go somewhere without having to pack up.

what once was on my first mountain bike, now put to use again.

Brooks saddles. We have a sickness.

B17 honey / B17 Special / B66 / B17 black

I like them.

made in England. They have to be good.

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