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small flowers

very small

pretty small


Yogi's Gold

a lot of snacks on the way up

A geocache hunt with Tegan on a really nice Saturday afternoon.

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A road ride around the mountains in N. Phoenix.  A nice night on the bike for sure.


A mountain ride at South Mountain.  Bajada/Ranger/National trails.  Really nice up on top of the ridge line.  Must do again soon.

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such a joy.

An early bike ride got cut short when it started to hail on us horizontally. I rode home in it and got the subi to pick up the family. Most of our day was going to be on the bikes, but the rain all day made us go to the toy store.

not a bad thing.

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The Cruiser.

#1 1978 - 1983


sadly interrupted without a cruiser.

#2 1985 - 1989

1989 – 1995

sadly, there was no cruiser.

#3 1995

#3 2010

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good effort

Tegan rode the 3 miles to the trailhead.

the front brake is something all new to him

on the trail, things were, well, like they are on the trail.

we need to work on some stuff.

we need new pads here

we need more trail time here

and so it goes.

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designed for the animal in you

yeah. Our first Trek in the garage. Sure, we had the Poprad around for awhile, but this one actually says it all up front and stuff.

Have you made out YOUR cards yet??


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mountain bikes

the switch went off this afternoon.  singletrack maven.

Modus Hoperandi India Pale Ale

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