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A Sunday morning ride next to the waterways (mostly).

Arizona Canal

New River

Skunk Wash

Cave Creek Wash

pretty flat

Amazingly easy to get a good ride in the middle of the core of the Valley without much (mostly) traffic.

a few homeless people (background behind shopping carts) are a regular sight along the Arizona Canal. The toy display is not.


This is the first time that I have seen anything in the field related to the long-planned Sun Circle Trail. It is a system that will encompass the entire valley.

New River. Now with water flowing!

Crossing New River at Pinnacle Peak on way to Thunderbird Park. We could have gone further North along the river, but it looks like the path may have been underwater.

Surly. Cross Check.

Cave Creek wash channel. Interestingly empty.

The rain has been nice this Spring.


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