It has been not quite a year since I have put the El Mariachi together as a singlespeed.

I enjoyed the simplicity and reliability of the single.  I remember the Cabin Loop! on it and it was fun.  I look last week at what was the Russian did.


Oh hey!  I can do it.

10 minutes.  That is how long it takes.

The rear shifter has a clamp that stays on the bar after you take the shifter pod itself off.  So no messy grip and bar-end removal.  Quick and easy.  1 bolt with a 5mm Allen head.  Unsightly clamp to deal with while riding.  I choose my battles.

Remove cable.  I remember once, long ago, there were cable stops welded on frames that did not have a slot on them to remove the cable without fishing the cable out from end to end.  A little thing, but oh-so-important.

Remove chain with that nice little master link.  Still, a special tool required to do it, but not as dirty as a proper chain pin remover.  Progress.  I have been running the cable set for the rear shitfer since the bike was new.  Time to replace.

Remove the X-9 rear mech.  5mm Allen.  Simple and effective.  2008.  It is getting old and used.  I told Karen that it will have to be replaced.

Remove rear wheel.  Leave it together, quick release and all.  The 9sp cassette is toast.  The main reason for the whole switch in the first place.  This too is news to Karen for needed replacement.  Oh, and the chain?  Forget about it.  It time for retirement.  Duly noted.

Cable guide on the BB shell?  It is okay.  It makes the cut for the next time it is needed.

The SS wheel had a 20T cog on it as well as my favorite 2.55LT WTB Weirwolf with a bit of knob left on it.  Bonus:  pre-Stanned tube.  It also has a G2 Avid brake rotor in really good shape that was bolted on and aching for action.  And a chain?  Well it was hanging there with it.  PC951 in reliable shape.   It is like I had planned it!

I put the wheel in.  I adjust the rear Elixer caliper to conform to the replacement wheel/rotor.  Strangely, it requires little modification.

I put on the chain.  It was short.  But hey!  Eccentric Bushnell BB comes to the rescue with a 1 bolt adjustment. Tension solved in a minute or less.

Simplicity once again.

Done! Sram, wondering what happened to the namesake rear mech.

On a side note.  Reading DrunkCyclist has made me make a contribution to the cause.  Seeing the daily reports of ‘cyclist down’ that are all to often and real make me really, really sad.  I like that DC chronicles this rather disgusting and horrible tragedy that is the dark side of cycling on the road.  Hopefully it makes people aware, and that is why I think they do it.  It surely makes me aware.  Be careful out there.

thanks Gnome.

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