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Spur Cross. connected.

A few weeks ago I saw the Maricopa Trail connected to the Spur Cross Trail, which in turn connects to Trail #4 in the Tonto NF.

What fun to connect them all.

it is all blooming right now

$12 Titec Hellbent grips. Such a deal.

the same shot as the last time I went bikepacking North. Clouds and low temps were very welcome.

entrance to Cave Creek Park after going under Care Free Highway at Cave Creek.

lots of trail systems connected.

cloudy with a chance of rain was the forecast. they were right.

sticker graffiti on the backside of the entrance to Spur Cross from the West.

the preceding miles from Go John to this point were not on the map. There are a ton of trails leading all which ways up to this point.

Spur Cross trail is a ton of fun by itself.

I liked it so much I took 2 pictures.

tricky crossing here. There is so much water right now along the Creek, water crossing are best done by barefooting it.

I left the house at 10:30am. Stove on at 5:30. Really happy it was rainy and overcast much of the day. I don't see doing this overnight ride again soon unless we get another storm in. Better left to do in the Winter months.

Believe it or not, this is my first campfire. Prior to this point, I either did without or let someone else be in charge. This is going to change.

great area. As I was riding out, I ran into an ancient man on horseback who quizzed me as to where I was coming from and where I camped out. I talked of what and where and he was grateful of my share. I could see he understood.


I have yet to find a map of this trail system. I took 3 separate trails that helped me eliminate the pavement on the way home.

this trail is better left to the horsemen.

end ride at rest

the next time up will be a honed masterpiece.


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