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Spring on the Cabin Loop!

Ah yes, another overnighter on the Cabin Loop.  What?  5 times now?  What am I thinking?

I am thinking it is all that.

official signage
hmmmm. what to put on the bike?

2 tallboy corona extras later and it is ready to go!
Always a good idea to sign in. I like to look through the log for any communications. Just in case.
Pinchot Cabin. Looking a little more secure.
no armor needed for this flow!

short ride, like 6 miles to camp! I am super hard-core.

oh how I like this little bridge.
Spring is about ready to burst up on the Rim.
Aspen Cabin. Falling apart and smelling like an outhouse.
You have to like the siding.
genuine US Steel. I have to think that is not available any longer.
A multi-family backpacking trip in a few weeks – and this area should be blooming pretty nice for it.
my 2nd campfire ever. I think I can trust myself now.
There was lots of snow. I had a ton of fun on the ride South up to the Rim, zipping through snow drifts.

Lots of down-fall.

It was a short 23 mile loop and that was all I needed.  I finally have the gear set up down to a comfortable minimum.  It is easy to get it together and get out with not much thought.

Bikepacking on the Cabin Loop in the Spring.

Good stuff.


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