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SUB 24 in the Tonto

Winter in the Sonoran Desert is quite nice.  I set out at just before sunrise to get a cup of coffee at the Bike Cafe.  Absolutely a great cup of mud.  I drank up and got another to go for my short trip to the The Russian’s house.  Once I got there to meet up with him and Gnome, I started drinking more coffee.  I drank a lot.  I started to cut in some trail in the backyard of Yuri’s house.

So Gnome pulled up and we were off in no time.  A little street and path to some PMP trail and more path and street to the NF.

singlespeeds for everyone

we had a quick break at a velocache.

so here is where we chose our destination for our camp.  hmmm.  should we opt for ease and refreshments or stupendus hardship and go up Trail #4 to the first spring.

we carried on like men and hiked a bike for an hour or so.

I took care of the fire while the rest took a nice (at least for me) hike to fill up on water at the spring which was a little further than anticipated.  It left me time to set up my camp.

nobody likes getting flats

these create nice marks on uncovered legs

the previous afternoon of hike a bike became the mornings epic battle with babyheads and cactus.  I had a ton of fun just trying to stay on the bike.

Gnome. Making it look easy.

Yuri. Chillaxin.

nice morning for a ride

It was a nice morning for a ride.  The camp out overnight was pretty comfortable.  We consumed an array of forgotten deli items that Yuri provided.  Of course, Dave slept through most of it.

Pretty good overnighter.  Lots of spinning on the singlespeed.  Lots of rocks.  A bit of hiking.  At times, I was out of water.  Sometimes it was overcast and cool.

I will do one again real soon like.


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