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haro. part 2.

So I found everything I need to make a bike.

Haro Mary XC frame – from emptyset a few months ago

Niner I.M.B.A. fork (on loan) – from emptyset a few months ago

ON-ONE Mary bars – from last version of my Schwinn Tempo fixie

Thompson Elite stem – on same deal with emptyset

FSA cartridge headset – see above

Truvative GXP Firex cranks/bottom bracket – keep looking back

Ritchey PRO seatpost – you know      ^^^^

WTB ‘Salsa” saddle – from original Salsa El Mariachi build

Shimano M575 hydro brakes – from Craigslist a few years ago

Surly 20T cog – from last version of El Mariachi build

Surly Singelrator  – from the S.A.P.B.

KMC 9spd chain – from last version of El Mariachi SS

front wheel from original Salsa El Mariachi build – XT hub/Salsa Semi-29er rim

rear wheel from Gnome – Formula SS hub/Alex ZC1000 rim

tires – I don’t know where from – WTB Weirwolf front/WTB Exiwolf rear

Is that all?  I guess.  A few tweaks on the drive train and a change on the saddle to a Brooks B17 is in order, but on the whole it is pretty sweet.



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something is missing

an "on hand!" bolt, nuts, and lock-washer replacement

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haro. part one.

Bottom Bracket.  Slightly used.  Dented even.

just look at that mess.

Clearly a new one is order.  I will spend a whole lot of nothing to get this bike going in the near future.  I will, for now,  just take out the bearings, clean & lubricate them, and then return them to the project bike.

I have a few things sitting around the garage to fully build the bike now – less a few things that I may have to scrounge  for – and that will be the challenge.


I went online – you know – to check the price on a new bottom bracket.  I saw the price and quickly went somewhere else to check just the bearing price.

My grease and time were already paid for.  A little dirty job, but it is all I wanted to do.  I don’t  WANT to put a lot into the bike.



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weekend at bikes

Saturday I spent 4 fruitless hours building this frankenbike:

yeah. Sram 2x10 cranks, Paul Thumbies, Dura Ace 10spd bar-cons, SLX Dynasyst front mech, rear mech, cassette strung together with a Sram chain.

The SLX Dynasyst is completely incompatible with Dura Ace barcons.  Yuri and his plethora of spares yielded an older XTR that seemed to work.  It does need a new rear mech. though.  An interesting combination.  More research prior to assembly my have helped in the end.  I hear it works though!

After that, a lunch break at a sushi bar and some mild preparation, Yuri and I met up with RivRidingMike at T100 and we contemplated where to ride and where to set up a camp in, yes, the Phoenix Mountain Preserves.

excuse my photography. I am having issues with the 'ghey' camera.


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pin it

So I was riding UP VOAZ on my Salsa and stood up and started to weigh the seat with my inner thigh around a switchback when SNAP!  …my Brooks done went and busted a tension pin.

it caused a bit of pain.

Down I went to the left and down the side of the mountain for more than a few yards before the my leg was impolitely stopped by a jagged rock.  I am glad for the rock.

Thanks to you Wallingford Bicycle Parts for the instruction and timely replacement shipment!.

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no tube. wheels. gears.


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