Daily Archives: January 24, 2011

weekend at bikes

Saturday I spent 4 fruitless hours building this frankenbike:

yeah. Sram 2x10 cranks, Paul Thumbies, Dura Ace 10spd bar-cons, SLX Dynasyst front mech, rear mech, cassette strung together with a Sram chain.

The SLX Dynasyst is completely incompatible with Dura Ace barcons.  Yuri and his plethora of spares yielded an older XTR that seemed to work.  It does need a new rear mech. though.  An interesting combination.  More research prior to assembly my have helped in the end.  I hear it works though!

After that, a lunch break at a sushi bar and some mild preparation, Yuri and I met up with RivRidingMike at T100 and we contemplated where to ride and where to set up a camp in, yes, the Phoenix Mountain Preserves.

excuse my photography. I am having issues with the 'ghey' camera.


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