Daily Archives: January 26, 2011

haro. part one.

Bottom Bracket.  Slightly used.  Dented even.

just look at that mess.

Clearly a new one is order.  I will spend a whole lot of nothing to get this bike going in the near future.  I will, for now,  just take out the bearings, clean & lubricate them, and then return them to the project bike.

I have a few things sitting around the garage to fully build the bike now – less a few things that I may have to scrounge  for – and that will be the challenge.


I went online – you know – to check the price on a new bottom bracket.  I saw the price and quickly went somewhere else to check just the bearing price.

My grease and time were already paid for.  A little dirty job, but it is all I wanted to do.  I don’t  WANT to put a lot into the bike.



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