haro. part one.

Bottom Bracket.  Slightly used.  Dented even.

just look at that mess.

Clearly a new one is order.  I will spend a whole lot of nothing to get this bike going in the near future.  I will, for now,  just take out the bearings, clean & lubricate them, and then return them to the project bike.

I have a few things sitting around the garage to fully build the bike now – less a few things that I may have to scrounge  for – and that will be the challenge.


I went online – you know – to check the price on a new bottom bracket.  I saw the price and quickly went somewhere else to check just the bearing price.

My grease and time were already paid for.  A little dirty job, but it is all I wanted to do.  I don’t  WANT to put a lot into the bike.




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4 responses to “haro. part one.

  1. Trystan

    Nice bike
    I have a not too dissimilar setup.
    An old GT peace 29er with an alfine igh and on-one midge bars.

  2. how do you like the midge?

    • Trystan

      Yeah they’re good.
      I’ve got monkey paws so the the small hooks don’t bother me. The drops could be longer though.
      Would probably have gone for woodchippers if they were available at the time of build.

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