February sub24

I spent yesterday afternoon rebuilding my eccentric.  The thing just gets dirty and makes noise.  I dislike that.

dirty mess causing noisy mess

forgive me, but I like the way the frame works with the oversize BB shell. Maybe a BB30 compatible frame is in my future.

kids and bikes. helmets are good for us.

So I put the bike together and the Russian swung by to meet to go to wherever we were going.  While riding we decided upon the Pima and Dynamite area to make our camp.

a small fire and someones 2nd course

oh my.

it has been a while since I have ridden on the P&D trails. Still sandy. Still a lot of fun.

end ride

A great sub 24 overnighter in the desert.  A sleeping bag would have been handy.  It was super cold.

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