out for a loop

After numerous bikepacking events from my house that were usually out and backs, a rare 2-night loop presented itself to Yuri and myself.

Headed out of the house around 11 on a Friday and back to it at 9 on Sunday.

about 125 miles of bliss

South from the house to the Russian Compound. Out to Tempe via canal and Papago Park.   Swing by Daves Electric for some non-hops and over to a bush pusher for a round or two before heading up a hill to camp out.

Next morning, a drop down some local sweet, a quick review of pump track lines, a greenbelt ride, a nice singletrack in Paradise, some road riding, a picture of me at a bikeshop and some final miles to camp #2.  My local favorite.  Spur Cross/Tonto.

the trainee

OMG. I am sold.

camp. I ended up sleeping right next to the fire.

great night for sleeping under a full moon

Out the next morning in a leisure manner.  Once on the road, we pinned it at ‘go fast’ and I was greeted at home with some fresh coffee.


Truly, good stuff.

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