tri-city art ride

they sell those signs..

I like chicken

upscale bus stop. seems ironic.

not the coolest place to be at 103

soleri. such a nice piece.

horseshoe mister. currently under repairs.

lone flower at Tempe Town Lake. I like this.

pedestrian bridge starting to take shape!

pretty cool crossing yet to come


lots of pieces in the same school as these on the S. bank of TTL

also on of my favorites at Priest and the path on the S. side of Tempe Town Lake

Salt River in the most un-natural form

I cut off most of the painted white river rock in an effort to make this historical site more palatable

at the Phoenix downtown Convention Center

Overall, a great ride checking out stuff I had not really paid attention to before.

Ride your bike more.


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One response to “tri-city art ride

  1. Looks like a fun ride. How long was it? I would be interested in such a ride – was it organized or something you did on your own?

    PS Just found your blog today, hope you don’t mind if I look around.

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