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Ride your bike and play!

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camp out!

We like a fire.  We like bugs.  We like flowers.  We like trails, rocks, woods, water and grass.

Camping has all of that.  It has more when there are more of us.

a good fire to greet us on the first night

my 'almost' plate sized morning pancake!

some morning first time shooting instruction

planning something sure to elicit enjoyment in the woods

Houston Brothers Trail going North to Aspen Cabin. It's a sweet little whoopee section that pleases all.

that bracken be growing fast

lots of this kind of stuff

lots of this kind of stuff too!

I like my mud in the morning HOT.

it is hard not to like an open space

some craft time was set aside

I did not hit the can. Nor did I get to enjoy it's contents.

oh, delight!

the scary story reading!

keep that a secret

East Clear Creek non-indigenous species

there are some really big pools on this little creek

a multitude of these around

So, yeah.  Good stuff for a mid-July respite from the heat of the lower Sonoran Desert.

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The newish pathways from Indian School to Tempe Town Lake sure make getting to Tempe from my house a lot easier than it used to be.

an obligatory stop at the Falls to cool my head

I was late to the meet point because of Flat #1

all spans up on the pedestrian bridge!

new bridge over the Crosscut canal. check that texture!

Papago Brewing

didn't capture it all, but there is a great selection of bottles and cans TO GO!

we will take these TO GO! please.

stop here for Flat #2

and sure enough, stop here for Flat #3

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sunshine dog

someone had an idea to check out a roach-coach that parks out in front of a brewery in Tempe for the ThNR.

All told, it was a good idea.

I started out promptly at 5pm.  Headed out the door and into the wind to Granada Park to meet up.

I forgot my waterbottles.

the kwicky mart fix

Going down to Tempe on the Arizona Canal bank

our object on the ride down was to check out the new-ish path on the Cross-Cut Canal – not to be confused with the Old Cross-Cut Canal – and then down into Tempe.

Rio Salado bike lane

Sunshine & Spice through the Haboob messed window


Sunshine & Spice

good stuff, though watch the corn tortillas, they might be kinda flakey

Sleepy Dog 

bombers to go!

not the best choice when 100+ degrees out


all you need to know

the ride back up the hill was pretty fast.

15 seconds of bikes on path

15 seconds of cars on highway


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bracken ‘singletrackin!

July 3rd and 4th.  The ferns that which some call the Bracken, are about 1/2 the height that they will be in another month or so.

The trails that I rode around on consisted of  the trails that I have been addicted to for several summers now.  Cabin Loop!

McFarland Springs, Aspen Springs, Buck Springs, Dane Springs.  They are all there and gurgling water as strong as what I would consider usual.

McFarland gurgle

 The overwhelming amount of Yellow Columbine flower this Summer is amazing.


 Riding the trail.  Late afternoon.  Clouds build and the wind picks up.  Rain starts to fall.  I pedal through the woods to seek shelter in what is left of one of the old cabins.  It is temporary fix to a situation that is not a problem to begin with.  I get back on the bike and continue on.

My glasses get drippy.

The rain turns to hail then to rain and then to calm.

I keep riding.  The pull of the track both simple and demanding.

A brand new enclosure.  Superbly constructed.  It puts to shame the other habitat restoration projects in the area.

this one needs no enclosure

I got a great ride in.  The Valley was in the 110+ range for the long weekend.  The air-conditioner at the house decided to burn out a “contactor” or something, causing a great deal of heat to center itself on us.

No worries.  A  belated 114 mile trip to the Rim fixes that.

a great place to wake up on a Monday.

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warm ride

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Start at my house at 5:00pm.  112 degrees.

met the group, tested the new fridge setup.

went and rode some bikes.

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