bracken ‘singletrackin!

July 3rd and 4th.  The ferns that which some call the Bracken, are about 1/2 the height that they will be in another month or so.

The trails that I rode around on consisted of  the trails that I have been addicted to for several summers now.  Cabin Loop!

McFarland Springs, Aspen Springs, Buck Springs, Dane Springs.  They are all there and gurgling water as strong as what I would consider usual.

McFarland gurgle

 The overwhelming amount of Yellow Columbine flower this Summer is amazing.


 Riding the trail.  Late afternoon.  Clouds build and the wind picks up.  Rain starts to fall.  I pedal through the woods to seek shelter in what is left of one of the old cabins.  It is temporary fix to a situation that is not a problem to begin with.  I get back on the bike and continue on.

My glasses get drippy.

The rain turns to hail then to rain and then to calm.

I keep riding.  The pull of the track both simple and demanding.

A brand new enclosure.  Superbly constructed.  It puts to shame the other habitat restoration projects in the area.

this one needs no enclosure

I got a great ride in.  The Valley was in the 110+ range for the long weekend.  The air-conditioner at the house decided to burn out a “contactor” or something, causing a great deal of heat to center itself on us.

No worries.  A  belated 114 mile trip to the Rim fixes that.

a great place to wake up on a Monday.

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