sunshine dog

someone had an idea to check out a roach-coach that parks out in front of a brewery in Tempe for the ThNR.

All told, it was a good idea.

I started out promptly at 5pm.  Headed out the door and into the wind to Granada Park to meet up.

I forgot my waterbottles.

the kwicky mart fix

Going down to Tempe on the Arizona Canal bank

our object on the ride down was to check out the new-ish path on the Cross-Cut Canal – not to be confused with the Old Cross-Cut Canal – and then down into Tempe.

Rio Salado bike lane

Sunshine & Spice through the Haboob messed window


Sunshine & Spice

good stuff, though watch the corn tortillas, they might be kinda flakey

Sleepy Dog 

bombers to go!

not the best choice when 100+ degrees out


all you need to know

the ride back up the hill was pretty fast.

15 seconds of bikes on path

15 seconds of cars on highway


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