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camp out!

We like a fire.  We like bugs.  We like flowers.  We like trails, rocks, woods, water and grass.

Camping has all of that.  It has more when there are more of us.

a good fire to greet us on the first night

my 'almost' plate sized morning pancake!

some morning first time shooting instruction

planning something sure to elicit enjoyment in the woods

Houston Brothers Trail going North to Aspen Cabin. It's a sweet little whoopee section that pleases all.

that bracken be growing fast

lots of this kind of stuff

lots of this kind of stuff too!

I like my mud in the morning HOT.

it is hard not to like an open space

some craft time was set aside

I did not hit the can. Nor did I get to enjoy it's contents.

oh, delight!

the scary story reading!

keep that a secret

East Clear Creek non-indigenous species

there are some really big pools on this little creek

a multitude of these around

So, yeah.  Good stuff for a mid-July respite from the heat of the lower Sonoran Desert.

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