AKA the “Tin Foil Hat Tour”

Sedona to Verde Hot Springs.  A few of us got together for some riding and hot springs.  Only one thing was required of everyone who was going.  A Tin Foil Hat.

I brought and wore mine.

It was comfortable.

We started out by fueling for the fire.

Kelly Slater has his own beer?

In the morning, we set out on our mission.  Some sweet red rock riding.

some road riding to the trails


der Hammah. Checking out his front hub flange and it's big failure.

After the trails and a break, we hit the road.  I thought it was a group ride thing, but the others has other ideas when the peloton formed without me.

the single singlespeeder gets 'the look' before the breakaway to the main pack.

of tin foil hats and chemtrails

back on the dirt, things got serious.

somewhere in the middle

beer break at Clear Creek

checking the GPS -and another beer break. Courtesy Yuri

Fossil Creek

that pool and swing rope looked pretty tempting at about 2 pm.

at the top before the plunge into the Verde River

made it to the hot springs.  Great day on the bike.  ThirtyTwoTwenty!

I stayed in the nice warm water and conversed about tinfoil hats for about 3 hours after the ride.  The next morning I went back and spent some more time in the refreshing pool.

Nudity.   Rednecks, college age kids, us, them, those guys over there – a pretty wide range of people.

decommissioned Childs Power Plant - sits across the river from the Verde Hot Springs

So, the planned overnighter bikepack ride turned into a bikepack-SAG supported-Natural Hot Springs-Tin Foil Hat tour all in one.

Great stuff.


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