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Mt. Lemmon Part 2

In 2010 there was a ride from the top to part of the way down.

This ride was the lower part.  Because a neat little storm occurred the day before, the intended “Lemmon Drop” top to bottom run was cut short due to the snow.

A serious ride.

my first paid shuttle to run a downhill

some of the unusual characters


There was some climbing. But mostly, it was a bouncy downhill.

In the midst of the La Milagrosa Trail, I was all fuzzy and the trail was a blur of rocks and drops. It was the shizzy.

I am pretty sure he would have liked it too.

So that was Bug Springs, Molino and La Milagrosa.  Next on Mt Lemmon?  The missing middle:  Green Mountain.


Great fun!


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Tuesday Ride

got out for a short ride in the preserve.  Gnome was kind enough to join in.

the entrance to the Bikepath along Highway 51

one of the many hidden trail entrances to the preserve, and one of my favorites.

Riding has been great.  I have been lucky enough to be able to get on on the wheels 3 whole times a week!  I know this pales in comparison to a decade ago.  But you know what?  It is just about right.  Well, maybe everyday would be best.  I will work on it.

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