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Sycamore Canyon

Part 2.  Last June, we started our investigation of Sycamore Canyon.  This time we set out to go further South to look at and use some of the many springs on a backpacking trip.

Memorial Day weekend in Sycamore Canyon

Dorsey Spring trail-head

the sign-in. Not too many people in the last year here.

the trail meanders along effortlessly until it drops off a 600′ plunge into the canyon itself

no bikes – again!

We set up a base camp at Dorsey Springs. The campsite near there is just awesome.

The Columbine flowers are out in force. I am particularly fond of this flower.

Sycamore point as seen from the Winter Spring Cabin trail.

most of the hiking was in the shade

without a fire, we had some time to build a table so we could play some crazy 8’s with the kids all proper like.

finished product

Great view looking South down Sycamore Canyon. Next investigation will be from Parsons Spring and some longer loop trails along the bottom of the canyon this Fall.

Our tent-site – about 200′ North of Dorsey Spring. A great spot!

Our backpacks at a point where everyone is really pretty light and comfortable. Finally! Everyone can do some pretty rugged trails and decent distance to really explore. It has been a process.

An impressive canyon. Go check it out!

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