Did a 200K Brevet.

That was an event.  A great re-introduction to road biking.  I have not ridden a regular old road bike enthusiastically for more than enough time.

Der Hammah, trigoatdork, Flo, stealthyhoneypot, Noel and my self did the ride.  It was 10 hours of awesome.

Did a rainy ride on Mt Elden.

I miss riding in Flagstaff.  When I first moved to Phoenix in 1985, I started riding on Mt. Elden in the summers from the first incredibly hot  one on.   Because every summer is pretty fricken hot,  I have missed very few if any since.  Some of the most memorable biking has been done on Elden.  I don’t go nearly as often every year because doing other things in life are just as memorable.  Not much has changed – with the exception of more trails.  Taking you more places.

Trails are good.


Built a set of wheels.

Man, a tubeless set up is the only way to go.




I keep doing the ThNR.   In the middle of the summer, it is what keeps me on the bike.  A different ride and group every time.





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