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Help fix some bikes then ride some!

After an impromptu late Friday night ride with Jason, I barely got some sleep and then headed over to Scottsdale to lend some time and “used to work at a bike shop” skills to Recycleyourbicycle.  A great group of people and a just cause. They have a lot of work to do.


There were a few bikes to fix.





I even ran into an old friend Pete from my bike shop days in Scottsdale.  It was great to catch up.

This past Thursday I started to clean out my desk to make room for a bigger desk.  I think it means there is more work on the horizon.  Anyway, I found some coin.

I quickly went to a local used goods store and scored some tires for a Monstercross project.

check out the fat!

Then, later, after playing with bikes and generally nothing else all day, Der Hammah and I attended another SUB24 ride to have a fire and swap lies.

I had a great sleep in the bag.

After some biscuits and gravy and an awesome coffee, John and I pedaled our separate ways.

Then, I helped Karen move her Massage office to a new location.

THEN, I received the first massage in the new office.

A great weekend.

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October 18, 2012 · 8:25 pm

Part 2 of the Tour of the White Mountains

So I arrive to the venue at about 8:30 the night before.  The drive on the dirt road to find a spot to pitch the tent was unbelievable.  The dust and the cars and the tents and the people and the bikes were all melding into one little symphony of bliss.  And the beer?  It was there, flowing like an endless river of gold.

I had absolutely no idea of where I was.  In the dark, setting up, I could hear the Rider Meeting over the loudspeaker.  It seemed like about a mile or more away.  Those camped near me were all hanging out around a fire so I went to them thinking that  if we could hear what was going on, why wander away from the beer and the fire?  It was a great start.

In the morning, after a fitful night of worry sleep and that ever-nagging requirement to leave the tent when you just don’t want to go take a piss at something like 4am, I woke up to overcast skies and a bit of work to get my bike ready.  I had not really looked closely at it in weeks.  It’s a singlespeed.  I checked the air in the tires and wiped off the chain and didn’t lube anything.  I didn’t pack anything.  Good enough.  All the worry gone.

I ride down the super short distance to the Packet Pickup to sign the thing and get the goods.  They had coffee and burritos and so I made myself at home.  After breakfast , I rode around and saw that there weren’t that many peoples and the venue wasn’t at all like it had seemed the night before.  A solid little community of like minded riders milling about and getting ready.

My “race” was the 2nd after the 60 milers.  They started an hour earlier than the 35 milers.  They caught up to me about 2/3rd’s into my loop and the leader said “passing! leader here!”, I happily gave him and his followers the right of way and I marveled at the athleticism. The route was punishing on a rigid steel singlespeed. Super rocky and very unforgiving singletrack.  I took a header going up hill.  I will go back and ride it again for sure.  I came home and told my wife my days of throwback tech from the 80’s is quite over.  I think she smiled and told me to man up – there are more important things to worry about.  She is probably right.  I still came in tenth in the singlespeed class and I am an old man.

Epic Rides puts on great events.

1st place SingleSpeed Female 60 miler.

She killed it.

The route captured the very epitome of the White Mountains in Eastern Arizona.  A little bit of everything.


A great thanks to Drunkcyclist for putting me in the show.

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Tour of the White Mountains – Part 1

A few months ago, dirtybiker from DrunkCyclist hooked me up with an entry to ride the Epic Rides Tour of the White Mountains.  All I have to do is show up in the DC jersey, drink, and then ride.

Sounds easy enough.  I had planned to go with the family and make a weekend of it, but other plans got in the way so now it is just up to me.  After a brutal ThNR yesterday, after scoring some swag from New Belgium Brewery, after having friends tell me what was up, I was finally convinced to actually go do it.  Because earlier in the week I was convinced not to.

SHIFT koozy swag!

So I got home late last night after consuming an unbearable amount of SHIFT and packed up in an inebriated state. I hope I got everything!

the 35 mile Single Speed racer bike

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