Tour of the White Mountains – Part 1

A few months ago, dirtybiker from DrunkCyclist hooked me up with an entry to ride the Epic Rides Tour of the White Mountains.  All I have to do is show up in the DC jersey, drink, and then ride.

Sounds easy enough.  I had planned to go with the family and make a weekend of it, but other plans got in the way so now it is just up to me.  After a brutal ThNR yesterday, after scoring some swag from New Belgium Brewery, after having friends tell me what was up, I was finally convinced to actually go do it.  Because earlier in the week I was convinced not to.

SHIFT koozy swag!

So I got home late last night after consuming an unbearable amount of SHIFT and packed up in an inebriated state. I hope I got everything!

the 35 mile Single Speed racer bike

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One response to “Tour of the White Mountains – Part 1

  1. Karen

    Good Luck Love! Sooooo glad you are there doing this ride. Wish we were all there to cheer you on!

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