• A  list of bikes that I have had or have (IN PROGRESS..)



  • Unknown Schwinn Cruiser  1965?  Used it after Wally used it, alot.  The original Newsboy.  I do not know what happened to it.


  • BCA Classic– 1983.  Mafac cantilevers.  T/A cranks.  Big, heavy Japanese cro-mo knock off of a Specialized Stump Jumper of the same era.  I got it from my paper route(s) that I had – contest to see who could get the most new subscribers in a certain period of time.  It lasted junior and senior year of HS and about 3 months in Arizona at college.  Got stolen at the school bike rack.  One of many to be stolen there.  Cannot find a photo of it.


  • Schwinn Cruiser – 1986.  Bought at Double Wheel Stores in PHX after the BCA was stolen.  I needed something cheap.  This was it.  Big, heavy and the first of the Taiwan built bikes.  I had it for several years of continuous use.  I loaned it to a teacher at Glendale Community College for a bike maint. class and have never seen it again.
  • Schwinn World Sport 1982.  The first bike I ever bought outright with my own money.  Mine was the purplish color  Lots of miles up and down the South Hill in Spokane.  First real taste of road biking freedom.  Probably the seed of inspriration of bikes in general.  I do not know what happened to it!


  • Schwinn Super Sport1987.  The first of a few nice road bikes.  Columbus tubing.  The first 600 Ultegra gruppo.  Nice.  I sold it for badly needed cash.


  • Kestrel 200 SCi1992.  We had been selling the Kestrel bikes since the came out.  They were hot.  I had to have it.  This one was fitted with full Dura Ace (downtube shifters) and the EMS fork.   I, again, had to sell if for cash only about a year after I had spent way too much for it.


  • Schwinn Tempo1987.  The one I bought off craigslist for fifty bucks and made into my first fixed gear bike.  Same frame as the Super Sport I used to have and miss.
  • Surly 1×1 2002.  I got the frame at the Tucson Bike Swap Meet in 2003 for 65 bucks.  Sweet Deal.  I sold it in 2008 for loss of interest in 26″ wheels.  Can you say stout?


  • Bianchi B.A.S.S 1999.  Very harsh single speed aluminum frame.  I got it from a sales rep in 1999.  Far to uncomfortable for me.  Very fast and light though.  I had to sell it to get some steel.
  • Centurian Dave Scott  1988.  Bought it used from one of the Double Wheel customers.  Tange Infinity steel frame.  Sucky SunTour “Edge” componets that signaled the end for SunTour.  No picture.
  • YETI ProFro 1993.  The ultimate steel cross country bike.  Still have it.  Leaning towards a single speed set up.  Years of abuse.  Many build confugurations.  What can I say?
  • YETI Sherpa 1995.  An oddity.  A post Pro-Fro frame from Yeti.  They must have had some tubing sitting around they needed to get rid of.  I spend a lot of time on it.  It went to our wedding.  I sold it recently and am sad.  Picture is from the guy in Wisconsin that bought it from me.
  • Schwinn Cruiser 1968.  A freebie.  Found it locked to an apartment stair in 1995.  Had it powdercoated and built it up with some sycnros cranks, brooks springer seat and a coaster brake with alloy rims.  Karen had a 1966 Hollywood as well from ebay.


  • CANNONDALE M800 2000.  NICE!
  • CANNONDALE R3000 1998.  SUPER NICEx2!
  • PARAMOUNT SERIES 31991.  The import from Japan Paramount.  Tange Prestige tubing.   It came stock with cheap RX100, I changed out to Ultegra.  Really nice ride.  Had it up to 2001.  The last full on road bike I have owned.


  • Specialized Enduro Pro 2003/2005.   Suspension?  I don’t know….


  • BOULDER BIKES DEFIANT 1991.  Wow.  Motorcycle chain link for suspension linkage.  Ahead of its short time.  Sent back to manufacturer.  I got my money back.


  • ROCKY MOUNTAIN EQUIPE 1990.  Very nice steel frame.  Until it broke.


  • Diamondback APEX 1987.   One of the first true ‘stout’ bikes for offroad.  Another to be stolen from DeVRY.
  • GT allterra AVALANCHE 1989.
  • GT allterra AVALANCHE 1990.
  • LeMOND POPRAD 2006.
  • GT MACH 1
  • SALSA El Mariachi 2008.
  • YETI A.R.C 1993.

6 responses to “Wheels

  1. Sis - Kathy

    Good grief!! Now you need to detail all your scars!!!! Hehe!!

  2. Bro W

    Wow, lots of bikes. I too wish I had that original red Schwinn cruiser. It was so sweet. It’s a mystery what happened to it.
    I don’t know if you remember the older black one we had, also. I think we made a chopper fork for it out of conduit. It may have also gotten the “monoshock” mod like the original Yamaha BMX bikes.

  3. Bro W

    Thought they were monoshock- guess not

  4. I do remember the application of the monoshock to some bike – it may have been the black cruiser. So long ago!

  5. Kandice

    I have a Barracuda Cuda Comp (Ultimate Superlite) just like the one in your picture (purple/white). I am going to sell it with components and I am trying to get an idea of how much to sell it for. Can you give me any ideas?

    Thank you.

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