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the random picture posting

there may be more.  who knows?

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bike and hike!

An unusual “ThNR”.  Took the fixed gear down to Granada Park to meet the group for a spin over to Piestewa Peak in the Phoenix Mountain Preserve to hike to the top.  Locked the bikes up at the trail head and went right up.  It has been well over 10 years since I have been on that trail.  It is way different.  Pretty much all detailed out with a nice rock foot bed all the way to the top.  Impressive work.

Came down and spun over to Sonora to have some food and cask ale.  Pretty cold on the way back home!

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Mazatzal Backpacking

3 quick days walking around in the Mazatzal Wilderness is a good thing.  A little snow on the ground, a lot of firewood, some good eats and a few friends make it a good time.  Lots to explore out there.  Get busy already.

John and Yuri getting set

The Mogollon Rim is close but so far away.

Trail #23 is the Arizona Trail in the Wilderness area. Our desire was to check it out after a short walk on a road undrivable due to a previous storm in the area.

Manzanita are real comfortable

plenty of water runoff from the recent storm

some of the water is frozen

low flight

kinda old tree stand. We saw a few variations of them.

I seem to find myself camped in a corral quite often. Usually the only flat spots around.

tarps do come in handy

this is an old water catch in a seep that the corral was built around. It came in hady for our fire pit.

warm everclear, sparkle worms and starburst.

I really kinda like the Mazatzals.  Definitely need to get back up there and finish out Trail #23 and see what it holds.   The coming Spring might be a good time.

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WNR:  A fine Full Moon ride in the Preserves.

ThNR: it was cold.  Depart house at 7pm or so for a run down to Tempe to drink a few Guinness at Rula Bula.  Windy and cold on the way back!

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