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not much of one for this weeks ThNR.  A bit green in the preserves!  Should be awesome this weekend for some AZT near Picketpost!


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Not sure of the trail names or whatnot, but I did these last Saturday and Yesterday they were quite different after the deluge this past week.  Phoenix Mountain Park received quite the refresh after the storms.  Many sections damaged with new rocks replacing old ones that were washed away.  Super nice tacky singletrack.  Got my bike ready for an upcoming bikepacking ride out near Picketpost this weekend.  Stoked.

Fun stuff!

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seated rides

3 rides including the last one since 12-26-09.

Nice cross bike ride up to Cave Creek and a really fun ThNR this past week and a SATMORN ride yesterday. I need to ride more.

a cruiser ride to the wash and a few geocache finds

a whole lotta riding on the many trails that Yuri put together for the SATMORN ride

26" wheel. What is Devin thinking?

A Surly Cross Check on dirt to Cave Creek.

Yuri on the ripper.

Of course, these represent only real rides where I actually use cycling shoes and a full pack of the necessities for a real ride farther from 3 miles from the house.

It is interesting that the Schwinn Tempo has become the ride of choice. I put a pair of incredibly old Shimano (I believe the original DX) flat pedals that I had on a BCA Classic MTB when I was a Junior in High School. It is nice to have something from the past that was used and is used again without any complaint.

the all-puropose Schwinn Tempo fixed gear. So nice to just hop on a bike and go somewhere without having to pack up.

what once was on my first mountain bike, now put to use again.

Brooks saddles. We have a sickness.

B17 honey / B17 Special / B66 / B17 black

I like them.

made in England. They have to be good.

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