How Long?

Has it been?  I didn’t even check.  This ‘Blog’ has primarily been about bikes.  It started I don’t know how long ago.  Prior to the ‘Blog’, the pictures and words resided in my head.  Even that, it was bikes.  How to make them faster.  How to make them more comfortable.  How  to make them lighter.  How to.  How to keep it concentrated.

They exist.  These bikes.  The bike.  It does not exist.  N+1.  It is a thing.

I have been just riding along.  JRA.  Back when,  When I wasted time being paid to hang out in a bike shop.  Same.  I’m doing the same riding.


It’s all good.  The frame.  The main thing.  It is solid.  Pieces and parts make a difference.


Continue on.


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